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Inventive Minds

Inventive Minds has been a tradition at M.W. Cuyler Elementary School for more than two decades.

It is a creative opportunity for 3rd and 4th Grade students to use their higher level thinking skills to design a unique invention that will solve a problem. Students will develop a multitude of skills as the invention process is completed.

Students will then take part in a school wide competition. The top students from that competition will then move on to the Invitational, where they will take on students from other school districts in our region. 

Inventive Minds Gym Full View
Student presenting her invention
Inventive Minds Liner Slider
Student holds her invention the Carry Al
Inventive Minds The Giddy Up 2022
judges looking at the invention the doggie ramp
student presents his invention the giddy up
Elementary Student Presenting at Inventive Minds